Are you looking for professional painters in West Island or in the greater Montreal?

Hi, my name is Dave Beaupré and I'm owner of the Findecor company since 1998. I have a great team of professional construction painters by my side, and together we paint houses and commercial buildings. We are spray painting specialists and are often called to work in hard to reach high places. Residential painting is however the core of our business and the West Island being my home, it's where I do the major part of my painting projects. We also work in the big region of Montreal, Laval and Longueuil, and we even accomplished some big painting contracts in Quebec city.Commission de la construction du Québec

Each one of my painters has its CCQ licence, and my West Island painting company also owns an RBQ licence, meaning that we have the right to work in the construction painting field anywhere in the province of Quebec. We are also insured (it's the law) with the CSST as well as covered by a 2-million dollars liability insurance in the non-likely possibility of something going wrong while painting your home or office.

By choosing to hire our construction painters, you are buying the assurance of high-quality painting workmanship and seriously passionate painters with a good skill set. We paint every house like it is our own and have a high regard for proper preparation, application, clean-up and so forth. We understand that West-Islanders like their painting well done and will keep on promoting us within the neighborhood and that's why we do it right!

What comes with the free estimate?

  • A free, no obligation, detailed and written painting estimate to make sure we understood all of your needs regarding the paint job, the work schedule and the delays.
  • A free paint color consultation to help you make those difficult decisions.
  • A free paint-type workshop to explain what the new paints have to offer you and which ones to avoid.
  • A free paint problems-and-solutions savvy expert to identify and propose the right solutions for you.
  • A courteous and happy estimator that comes to your door to answer all your concerns.
  • Referrals to other great specialists in the neighborhood if something is out of our league.

Our pro painters will also be able to give you information concerning eco-friendly painting and new technologies in painting, commercial painting, and residential painting (which we do mostly in the West Island).

Do you have a specific painting question you would like to ask me?

Call me, the information is free and I'm glad to help with any paint problem! You may also want to check out our blog for various paint related articles. Feeling timid?... you may email me your question here. I promise to answer fast!

Régie du bâtiment du Québec.